Khamis, 29 Ogos 2013

The Truth In Tanda Putera Fears Guan Eng And Wee


The movie Tanda Putera has really put fear in DAP particularly Penang Chief Minister who is also DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.

Not only that, even MCA leaders especially its youth chief Wee Ka Siong who warned that the film director Shuhami Baba should be held responsible if racial chaos occur due to screening of the movie.
Both Chinese-based parties with different ideologies are against the screening of the movie and they based their opposition on racial ground.

Let us focus a little on the reason why they oppose and why race is their basis.

The May 13, 1969 incident is a sad story in the history of the country and because of its historical value where every citizen should take note and remember, the movie was made by a very creative director.

He does not create the story but based his movie on actual events and of course, a little creative was put to make it more interesting and exciting but never exaggerate and adding fictions.
So now, whats wrong with a movie that tells the truth? Sacred the truth will erode the public’s confidence in DAP and MCA?

Are they – Guan Eng and Wee – scared of the truth? Have they been living in a make-believe world that the public do not know what really happened?

They are taking the public as fools because they want to dictate which movie the public should see and which movie public should not.

Have they ever thought that the public have no other avenue to know the truth? Have they ever thought in this age of modern technology information is just at the click of the finger?

They fear the truth shows how compromising and accommodative Malays are and how greedy the subversive elements, majority the Chinese who had infiltrated the DAP and Gerakan at that time were.

That’s reality and similar scenario is appearing at present but not in an aggressive form and this have sent shivers to DAP and MCA – both Chinese-based parties – fear that their parties have been infiltrated by the subversive elements and they do not want public to know it.

The reality is they do not want the public to know how compromising and accommodating Malays are and who was wrong once the truth is told and shown.

The public are now analytical and smart and they do not take things on the surface and for granted and in this case, when they see the movie they will make their own analysis and conclude.

So what is there to fear unless they are on the wrong side even without any analysis.

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