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It is Not Wise To Compare The Act of Burning a Malay Bible With Whe Alvivi Case

The case where 30,000 Malay language Bible that use the word Allah instead of God or Lord is still a pending court case where the government who tries to stop the distribution of the said book lost the first round. Even though it made the Muslims angry and agitated it shows to the world that the Malaysian government do not interfere with court proceedings and judgements.

Because of that, the pro-Malay NGO, PERKASA Malaysia, ask for the bible to be burn as what is done to books and publications that does not follow the specific requirements to be distributed in this country. The call for the bible to be burn is supported by the former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. As a result, both parties are being targeted by the Christians community to show that Malaysia is not fair regarding religious solidarity.
They said that, it is similar to the case of Alvin-Vivian who provoked the Muslim community in Malaysia, by inviting Muslims to break their fast with Bak Kut Teh, a Chinese cuisine made of pork.
By using the same analogy, DAP and other pro opposition media (the Malaysian Insider and Malaysiakini) has unleashed an all-out attack saying that the government is unfair in its judgement.

It is clear that there are a lot of parties try to defend the Christian religion by manipulating the Bible issue and the word Allah to ensure that the Islamic Government of Malaysia will be at the receiving end of the onslaught. It is clear that in both of these issues; the sensitivity of Muslims is provoked first and not the Christians. The Muslims were offended by the Christian’s move to claim the name of the Muslim God for their Holy Scriptures.

The call to burn all Malay language Bible was made as a retaliation to the provocation made first by the Christian.

If the Christian did not provoke the Muslim by using their God’s name in the Bible, there would be no call for the Bible to be burn.
In other words, the Christian are intentionally trying to provoked the sensitivity of Muslims and later blame it on the Muslims after they retaliated. This is a dirty tactics that can’t be accepted by any religion, including the Christians.

Up till now, there are no proper explanations given by the Christian, for them to legitimize their claim, to use the word Allah instead of the word “God” or “Holy Father” as already being used by their religion for centuries.

Why not the Christian use the name of the Hindu god and goddess for the Tamil bible or the word ‘Buddha’ for Chinese language Bible? Or why the Christians are not keen to use the word Allah even in their English language bible.

If they say that the word Allah is the universal name of God, and not only the Malays use it in the Malay language why don’t they fight for the word Allah for all the bible in the world.

Another point to ponder by the Christian is that, even if the Bible is considered as a holy book in their religion, they do not put it as high of a status similar to the Muslim with the Al-Quran. This is because Islam does not condone the act of simply changing any words or facts in the Al-Quran ever since it was given to humanity. None of the words in the Al-Quran has been changed, add or deleted, even if it is one word.

Meanwhile the bible has been through several changes since it is being handed to the Prophet Isa. According to Muslim theology, the original Bible shows that Isa was a prophet of God and he is a human being. He was never a God or the son of God. The original Bible is nowhere to be found, and only one or two copies exist today. One is in Turkey, and the other one is in the Vatican City where even the Christians doubt its originality. This is because, they know that their Bible was changed many times and even they did not know which one is the original. Basically, majority of them believe that it does not even exist.

With the position of the Bible being changed and replaced, it can be said that, the current bible is a book written by men. Because of that, the call to burn the bible will not offend any religion because the modern bible did not come from God himself.

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