Jumaat, 19 Julai 2013

Besut PAS Branch Is Crippled, What Happened?

Sometimes it is weird for us to analyse the situation in Besut. Actually, which state does Besut belongs to? Is it Terengganu or Kelantan? Many of the election volunteers from PAS come from the state of Kelantan especially Bachok and Pasir Putih.

PAS Besut Chief, Shallahudin Jaafar and the Terengganu PAS commissioner, Abdul Wahid Endut is nowhere to be seen. Wahid was said to have left Malaysia to perform his Umrah and will only be back after the election.

What happened to PAS Besut and PAS Terengganu?

It cannot come to this; they are leaving the war before the fight even began. It is true that Besut is once a part of Kelantan, however because the Sultan lost the constituency in a cock fight to Terengganu. The story is ancient; no one can give any testament to the story.

After being elected as the YDP Besut and the Commissioner of Terengganu, they should be the one who lead the charge against Barisan Nasional. Everything must be referred to Terengganu and not Kelantan, it does not matter how big the number of the election volunteer is.

The state seat will become 16:16 if PAS were to win the Kuala Besut by election in the Terengganu state legislative house. This is not for the sake of Kelantan.

What will the people of Besut think if they see that a lot of outsiders are doing the job, while the people of Terengganu and the Besut locals are nowhere to be found? Even UMNO Besut and it Division Chief, Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh together with the Menteri Besar of Terengganu, Datuk Seri Ahmad Said stays in the area for almost every day.

Or PAS Besut is actually boycotting the candidate as they know that he is the financial funder for Salor state representative Datuk Husam Musa.

If the story is true, it is should have not happened as not one or two candidate lost because there are no support from the local volunteer.

Today, 18th of July, there are more outsiders coming for near and far to assist PAS in their campaign to take over Kuala Besut. The more the merrier we guess. But isn’t it more compelling to see PAS Besut and Terengganu were able to join in the fray?
It seems like unity in PAS is a myth.

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